Keeping an eye on your good eyesight is of great importance for your vision. Your eyes health is not something to take for granted. It is important to separate fact from fiction, especially when the topic is healthy eyes.

Here are some eyes’ myths which you can ignore and some facts that you need to be aware of to keep your vision sharp.

1. Reading too much can damage your vision 


In general, too much reading can hurt your eyesight, but it is unlikely to permanently damage your eyes. It is more comfortable to read in good light, but there is no evidence that the low light can cause any permanent harm.

Remember that reading in dim light can cause tired eyes, but be sure it will not hurt your vision.

2. Rubbing can damage the front of the eye


An occasional gentle rub is nothing to worry about, but if you rub your eyes too often, too hard or over a long period of time, it could lead to eyesight problems. Scientific studies show that rubbing causes our eye pressure to spike. Scrunching your eyes shoots up your eye pressure more than 20 times.

Rubbing your eyes hard can also hurt the front of the eye. The damage could be enough to cause an eyesight problem like significant loss of sight.

3. Crossing your eyes will make them stay like that


Crossing your eyes for amusement may cause a few smiles, but it will not cause permanent damage to your eyesight. Once you are done with the joke your eyes will return to their normal placement. When we look at something closely, our eyes naturally come together. So if you cross your eyes on purpose, you are just exaggerating your eyes natural response.

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4. Eating carrots will improve your vision


Carrots carry beta-carotene and are high in vitamin A – a nutrient vital for your eyes health. Eating carrots will provide you only with a little amount of vitamin A needed for good vision, but vitamin A isn’t limited to carrots. It can also be found in cheese, milk, liver and egg yolk.

5. Sitting too close to the TV is harmful to your vision


Sitting closer to the TV will not damage your vision, but may give you a headache. Children, especially if they’re nearsighted, may do this to see the screen more clearly. In fact, they also may need glasses.

Knowing how to protect eyes and not to damage your eyesight is the first step to healthy eyes for a lifetime.